Chlapowski Gorge ” Rudnik”

chapowoApproaching the Jastrzębia Gora town, just outside the town of Władyslawowa lies Chłapowo town. It is the hometown of the famous Kashubian writer Augustyn Necel.

The biggest attraction of the local town is the Chłapowski gorge called by locals “Rudnik”.

It is located in the reserve “Dolina Chłapowska” occupying almost 25 hectares. This gorge crosses in half the path leading from Chłapowo to the beach.

According to geologists the gorge was created by erosional activity of flowing water into the Baltic Sea Highlands, and the rusty color of the earth cause the effusion of groundwater with a high content of iron compounds.

It is worth to come here at any time, as beautifully shaped area and the beauty of untouched nature and unique flora and fauna such as a bell round, juniper, broom, and sea buckthorn encourage walking and provide internal mute.