QK – System Therapeutic Apparatus

Dear Sirs!

This catalogue presents the QK system therapeutic equipment hereinafter called “QK-SAT” (QK – System Therapeutic Apparatus).

The main application of the devices presented in our catalogue is thermotherapy.

The devices emit energy waives within the parameters of human body energy waves.

“QK-SAT” is a new, user-friendly device which is safe and gives no negative side effects.

Proper microcirculation, that is undisturbed flow of blood through the smallest blood vessels of human body, is the basis of health; hence the maintenance of proper level of circulation is the basic rule in prophylaxis and treatment.

Today it is difficult to find persons whose blood circulation is 100% efficient. There are many factors which negatively affect human health, such as: sedentary lifestyle, stress, bad diet, smoking and many others which result in microcirculation disorders.

Even slightly limited circulation (microcirculation) leads to quick ageing of body cells and is the cause of most diseases.

Instead of taking medicines which are not without effect on a human body, “QK-SAT” provides natural therapy in treatment of many conditions. The clinical tests that have been carried for more than twenty years on patients with various ailments demonstrated very positive effects in treatment of the following conditions: diabetes, enlarged prostate, cancer, brain thrombosis, hypertension, chronic large intestine and stomach inflammation, thrombophlebitis, coronary thrombosis, cerebral stroke, child obesity, epilepsy, face nerve paralysis, neurasthenia, digestive tract diseases, hemorrhagic fever, chronic bronchitis, pleural tuberculosis, chronic viral hepatitis type B, acute and chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis, leukoplakia vulvae, gastritis, appendicitis, pelvic and bowel inflammatory disease, cervical spine conditions, anus diseases, wound infection, burns, frostbites, scars, shingles, osteoarthritis, circulation disorders after bone injury, urinary tract infection, chronic renal insufficiency, rheumatoid arthritis.

We would like to emphasise that the use of devices offered by us is supported by many clinical applications in many Asian countries, America, Canada and at present in Europe.

Therapy with the use of “QK-SAT” is simple, convenient, economical, helpful in many diseases and – to underline once more – without any side effects.

“QK-SAT” device emits multiple peak energy bands which are in conformity with the level of energy absorbed and emitted by a human body, however, their thermal power is ten times higher than the energy of human body waves.

The length of energy waves for people falls between 9884 nanometres (20°C) to 9108 nanometres (43°C). Tests prove that along with the change of temperature around us various parts of human body require energy waves of different lengths, from a few to several hundred nanometres.

‘QK-SAT’ may emit peak wave lengths absorbed by human body tissue cells and for that reason the reactions taking place directly in the human body lead to biological energy metabolism, thanks to which the normal functioning of human body is restored and existing diseases eliminated.


1) Improving blood circulation in entire body, especially microcirculation, widening and softening of blood vessels, speeding up of blood flow, reduction of blood viscosity (agglutination), reduction of cholesterol in blood, increasing oxygen inflow and possibility to supply body tissues with nutrients, increasing metabolism, which has obvious impact on treatment of heart, brain and renal blood vessel conditions and microcirculation disorders.

2) Regulating balance of internal secretion, fluid and electrolyte management, correcting the balance of biologically active substances, which has obvious impact on treatment of conditions connected with the internal secretion and fluid and electrolyte management.

3) Regulating the functional balance of nervous system (including vegetative nervous system), reducing neural excitability, removing nerve blocks, activating brain cells, increasing of pineal gland, preventing atrophy of brain cells, improving nutrition of neural fibres, strengthening the vitality of nervous system. It has great healing effects in diseases caused by functional disorders or damages of nervous system, as well as vegetative nervous system disorders.

4) Improving functioning of human immunological system, increasing the ability of human body to fight diseases, stimulating creation of lymphocytes T, increasing the number of lymphocytes, stopping and killing pathogens (bacteria and viruses), eliminating toxins produced by human body. Great effects in treatment of diseases caused by disorders of immunological functions, attacks and pathogenic infections.

5) Protecting micro-ecological balance in human body, regulating flora disorders, improving generation of beneficial flora, stopping multiplication of negative flora and improving health of human body.

6) Removing and correcting disorders in kidney functioning. It may effectively treat a few types of diseases and prevent ageing, especially in treatment of pathological changes in kidneys and reproductive system.

7) Enhancing repair and regeneration of tissues, stimulating blood circulation, removing of blood clots, reducing inflammations, soothing of pains, stopping bleeding, itching, softening and repairing of scars. Great healing effect on all wounds, also after surgery, burns, injuries after falls and all types of acute and chronic inflammations.

8) Great healing effect increasing the anti-oxidant ability of human body, it eliminates free radicals, removes deposits, activates cells, repairs damaged genes, improves the quality and extends the length of life. Obvious effects in preventing cancer in early phase, activates the positive proteins P53 and S-100 of immunological system which prevent the growth of cancerous cells, speeds up apoptosis of cancerous cells which prevents metastases, prolongs life of patients with cancer, activates cells in brain and soothes cancer pains. QK System Therapeutic Apparatus may improve life quality for patients with cancer, soothing their symptoms, reducing inflammations and soothing pains. It may significantly reduce the occurrence of side effects after radiotherapy, such as nausea, intestine disorders, and disorders in the functioning of digestive tract. It has very good healing effects in rehabilitation of patients with cancerous tumours. It soothes radiation reaction caused by radiotherapy, soothes chemotherapy si effects in digestive tract, reduces pain caused by cancer:

  • improves blood circulation, removes clots in microcirculation, partially increases the resources of blood, oxygen and nutrients, enhances repair and regeneration of cells and tissues, hence its healing effect on wounds after surgeries in patients with cancer.
  • regulates secretion functions, electrolyte management, supports neural balance, and removal of toxic substances, hence effectively soothes and eliminates loss of hair, nausea, vomiting and other side effects of radio- and chemotherapy.
  • increases the level of endogenous opioids, hence plays an important role in soothing pain in patients with late discovered cancer and prolongs life.
  • stimulates metabolism, strengthens digestive and absorptive functions of the digestive tract, peristalsis of intestines, regulates bacterial flora disorders in stomach and intestines, soothes and eliminates side effects of taking high dosages of medicines.

9) Slowing down of the ageing processes. Through emission of multiple peak energy bands which may be fully absorbed by human body cells, it increases their activity, blood metabolism and improves blood microcirculation. It guarantees that the skin surface is supplied with nutrients thus delaying ageing of skin. This also causes that double and triple multi-component bonds of some unsaturated fatty acids in blood are divided and become saturated fatty acids. It slows down the generation of free radicals, controls creation of toxins, delays ageing and improves life quality. Using the QK device to irradiate face you can remove blotches and reduce wrinkles, beautify face, maintaining beautiful and smooth skin. In persons with greying hair the colour of hair changed from white to grey or from grey to black, in bold persons hair appeared.

10) Reducing weight. Use of QK to irradiate specific body parts may increase the activity of lipometabolic enzymes and regulate body’s digestive functions. This helps to reduce fat tissue without the yo-yo effect.


Irradiation should take place on a naked body, in places indicated on the drawing with condition symbols. A layer of clothes or gauze may block energy waves. Irradiation should take place in a lying or sitting position which helps loosen the muscles and joints leading to free blood flow in limbs thus increasing the healing effect. The distance between the device and body should be adjusted in such a way as to make the patient feel fully comfortable. Strong irradiation means the distance of 20 centimetres from the electrodes and weak irradiation means approx. 10 centimetres.

The strength of irradiation (temperature) depends on the patient condition and his/her ailments. When the irradiation temperature feels right or acceptable to the patient, it is considered appropriate.

For adults skin irradiation temperature is up to 45°C, for children and infants 40°C.

The irradiation of a body part should take approx. 45 minutes, from 1 to 3 times per day. In the case of patients in worse condition irradiation time should be prolonged to 60 minutes per one session which will increase the healing effect.

Now we would like to present the description of individual “QK-SAT” devices.

Each of them was designed in such a way as to increase the effectiveness of emitted energy waves and offer the patients comfort during use.

qk1 qk2QK-S05

It was designed especially for the curative irradiation of upper and lower limbs: joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, blood vessels and nerves.

It has a healing effect in case of wounds, strains, osteoporosis, necrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, varicose veins, angiopathy, peripheral nervous system inflammation and many others.





It was designed especially for the curative irradiation of entire head. It emits waves with beneficial properties for brain cells and the five senses.

The peak energy bands quickly activate the brain cells, restore their functions, enhance their self regeneration, eliminate clots in microcirculation, increase their immunological functions, speed up secretion of endorphin, help to soothe pain, stop oxidation
of cells, reduce swelling, eliminate tiredness, improve sight and smooth hair.




It was designed especially for the curative irradiation of digestive tract and male and female reproduction systems. Its therapeutic scope includes inflammation, pain, tumours of liver, stomach, intestine and other digestive organs, diseases of milk ducts, diseases of vagina, cervix, pelvic inflammatory diseases, leukoplakia, sexually transmitted diseases, enlarged prostate, orchitis, balanitis, inflammation of vas deferens, disturbed sexual activity, tumours of male and female reproduction systems.


QK S09.3


It was designed especially for the curative irradiation and stretching the cervical spine. It straightens cervical spine through controlled stretching by the patients themselves at the same time irradiating it and improving circulation in cervical vertebrae, activating neural cells and muscles. Through strengthening it reduces spine pressure on cervical arteries, kills pain and inflammations. Its therapeutic scope includes all injuries and strains of cervical spine, dizziness, quadriplegia and stiff neck.



It combines the curative properties of all the above devices. It makes it possible to irradiate all body in a lying position. Peak energy bands are emitted also from below the patient thus enhancing their effectiveness and improving treatment.




Prices treatments

No. Type of device Treatment time Unit price for
one treatment
Unit price for
14 treatments
Unit price above
14 treatments
1. QK-S15 45 minut 120 PLN 90 PLN 70 PLN
2. QK-S06 45 minut 45 PLN 40 PLN 35 PLN
3. QK-S09 45 minut 40 PLN 35 PLN 30 PLN
4. QK-S08 45 minut 60 PLN 50 PLN 45 PLN
5. QK-S05 45 minut 45 PLN 40 PLN 35 PLN
6. QK-mobile 45 minut 45 PLN 36 PLN 33 PLN