Submerge massage

Submerge massage is connected in two water measures: submerge shower and water bath. It`s acts soften and stimulant.

Being used by:

  • extensive bruise and hematomies,
  • decay and flaccid the muscles,
  • intensive tenseness the muscles,
  • overstrain body organ of movements,
  • contractures of joints,
  • fractures and negative ravages of fractures,
  • sore nerves and root-symptoms.

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It is manipulation where for the healing aims direct current is used. This manipulation acts on dilatation blood vessels that causes better nourishment of tissues. It acts as well as stimulation for lower tense of muscles or an analgetic in sore nerve and illness of joint degeneration etc.


It is electro-healing manipulation consisting insertion into tissue ions of medicine. The sphere of activity depends on chemical compound of drugs that is inserted. Continue reading


It can be used widely. It is effective drug for hardly healed wounds and sores. Advance hardly bone adhesion. Counteraction proctracted phlogistic, as a result of overloading muscles, phlogistic of tendons bundles and eliminate sore nerves periphery nerves.

Biostimulate activity of laser expressing in:

  • betterment blood supply, nourishment of tissue,
  • stimulate regeneration of blood vessels
  • stimulate protein synlesis
  • analgesic and anti phlogistic effect

Magnet therapy

The magnet healing effect and device making magnetic field is availed on human system.

Magnetic field:

  • stimulate breathing of cells and vessels regeneration,
  • improve circular blood supply
  • while away the time healing of wounds and broken bones
  • speed up absorption of ematoma and swellings
  • analgesic and antiphogistic effect
  • improve metabolism of nerve vessels
  • speed up return to dexterity in case of muscles injury, tendons, ligaments and joints.


Impact ultrasounds on organism expressing by:

  • analgesic function ( diseases connected with degeneration illness backbone and shoulder pains);
  • dimunition tension of muscles;
  • extension blood vessels;
  • impediment phlogistic process;
  • speed up vessels absorb.

Therapeutic mud

In Poland therapeutic mud is used mainly for healing purpose. It`s composition depends on type and condition, when it has been established. Main component is water, additionally inorganic components: magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminium , sodium, potassium, silicon and organic components not altogether dissolution vegetable components for example: lignin, cellulose. Humus products ( bitumens, humus acid and substances of extrogens character) take part in curing ginecological illnesses.

Application for using therapeutic mud:

  • joint degenerate illnesses,
  • state after legs trauma in long drawn period,
  • chronic illness habit of nutritive,
  • chronic illness habit of respiratory;
  • gynecological illness.

Impact therapeutic mud for organism:

  • extention cell metabolism,
  • local hyperemia tissues,
  • remove from organism phlogistic producte,
  • improve kidney work ( improve secretion of urine),
  • impact on function of endocrine for example: ovaries, indirect function on pituitary body hypophysis),
  • analgesic function,
  • relaxing nonstriated muscles.