Submerge massage

Submerge massage is connected in two water measures: submerge shower and water bath. It`s acts soften and stimulant.

Being used by:

  • extensive bruise and hematomies,
  • decay and flaccid the muscles,
  • intensive tenseness the muscles,
  • overstrain body organ of movements,
  • contractures of joints,
  • fractures and negative ravages of fractures,
  • sore nerves and root-symptoms.

Whirl massage

It is submerge massage for lower and upper extremities carried out in special bath-tube which put water in whirling movement therefore have an effects on: diminution tenseness of muscles, loosen scars contracture of tissues, improvement of muscles swellings through higher standard of efficiency circulatory system.

Conventional massage

  • relaxation
  • curative

Massage is a kind of action on organism( skin, muscles, joints, circulatory and breath system and even on gount) in purpose to make reaction.

Action of massage

  • enlargement of blood vessels,
  • speed up metabolism,
  • better heart work,
  • better delivering nutritive products,
  • increasing of blood flow through kidneys and blood vessels,
  • emendation of digestion,
  • stimulate cauterization and excretion of metabolism products.

First of all massage has an influence softengly, soothingly and relaxation on nerve system. Stimulate us to life, give strength and vigor.