President in Beijing Hotel

twoj_wieczor_1Beijing Hotel in Wladyslawowo  hosted lately unique couple : Jolanta and Aleksander Kwaśniewski. President and First Lady were brought to this place by many stories traveling from the sea to the  mountains. They were finally  able to see by themselves  truly unique and charming Chinese style hotel.

The president and his wife were very satisfied with the nice and joyful time they spend there. The owner showed them around the Hotel, told the story of its creation, and finally invited to the restaurant for the best Chinese delicacies. In Wladyslawowo it started to be more and more louder about original Chinese cuisine. The most important VIPs and delegations from Baltic region and the other parts of Poland always head for Paul Jajkowski property. Because it is the only place were you can consume such a tasty and original dishes.

Evening Post 1/2004

Chinese style by Baltic sea

  • In “Beijing Hotel” can you meet Chinese native speakers?

gosciniecAbsolutely. Last year we hosted the world famous Chinese art team of people with disabilities. Then they gave two concerts, one in the Congress Hall in Warsaw, and the second in the Centennial Hall in sopot.

  • Polish citizens are also visiting?

We hosted people from the world of Polish politics, President Aleksander Kwasniewski, Deputy Prime Minister Jozef Oleksy and a whole galaxy of artists Continue reading

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Beijing with a view of the Baltic

rzeczpospolitaIn many cities of the world you can meet buildings modeled on the architectural achievements of other cultures. It happens that their differences from the local building remains controversial among urban planners, but because of that they become great interest of tourists. With the unusual architecture Beijing hotel in Władysławowo has now become one of the most characteristic building on the Polish coast.

The body of the building refers to the principles of Chinese architecture. Surprisingly, not only the original shape, but also attention to details that we can find in the elements and finishing materials. 70 percent of the hotel’s facilities are Chinese products. Continue reading

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They have one thing in common – not afraid of risk, and even with the fact that the hotel industry does not produce quick profits, long since reconciled.
But the “hotelier” – it sounds so proudly, that the fortune is worth a little wait.

Beijing by the Baltic

Paul’s Jajkowski life changed after visit in China, he went there as a tourist; returned fascinated by this country, its culture and people. Not only that – he brought the idea of what he will do later in life. He comes from Kielce, but spent many years working on cruise ships and ferries. Later he was on a contract in the U.S. and worked as Dealer in one of the casinos in Florida. But just after returning from Beijing decided that he will build on the Baltic coast Chinese hotel with a real event. Continue reading

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sukces2aThis is undoubtedly the best Chinese restaurant on the Coast. Founded in Wladyslawowo eight years ago (the hotel of the same name emerged only recently) and I had no clue how it happened that for so many years passed over this place, although I’ve heard about him much good. It is also a rare example of attention to authenticity and the absence of any “shortcuts” (Chinese cooks ownership changes about every two years, when starting to prepare meals for “Polish taste”). The card itself is a classic and the best cuisine from Shanghai, Sichuan (most severe), and Beijing, which Europeans are able to accept.

In the card all the possible tones of the Orient, which is about 80 dishes. It is also certainly one of the few places in Poland where you can order (day before) the famous Peking duck: beautifully browned pieces of meat, but rather a crispy crust, which is putting them inside the pancake of rice flour, soy sauce smeared along with pieces of fresh leek. Taste of the duck once reveled in Beijing and I ordered it mild apprehension in Wladyslawowo, fearing that this would be a substitute for the original (as it turned out, quite wrongly). Continue reading