Success 3 (131)


They have one thing in common – not afraid of risk, and even with the fact that the hotel industry does not produce quick profits, long since reconciled.
But the “hotelier” – it sounds so proudly, that the fortune is worth a little wait.

Beijing by the Baltic

Paul’s Jajkowski life changed after visit in China, he went there as a tourist; returned fascinated by this country, its culture and people. Not only that – he brought the idea of what he will do later in life. He comes from Kielce, but spent many years working on cruise ships and ferries. Later he was on a contract in the U.S. and worked as Dealer in one of the casinos in Florida. But just after returning from Beijing decided that he will build on the Baltic coast Chinese hotel with a real event.

Eight years ago, opened in the center of Władysławowo Chinese restaurant “Beijing”. Chefs brought in from China and very cared about the quality of our cuisine – so to this day. And even though the chinese taste was overeat in Poland, “Beijing” has its frequent customers. Paul Jajkowski however not forgotten about his idea for Chinese hotel. Hotel “Beijing” from a few months is “boot” and is already taking guests. According to the earlier assumption, everything here is authentic: carpets, curtains, bed linen and furniture lacquer. The building itself is modeled on the imperial pavilions of the Winter Palace in the Forbidden City. During the construction period it was all controlled by phone by Russian resident, who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Even tile swam in containers from China, as well as carpets lying in the room, a huge porcelain vases and sculptures in the corridors of lions adorning the entrance. Not to mention the two original rickshaws in the hall standing near the reception. Even the huge word “Beijing” on the front of the hotel, made up of Polish and Chinese characters, was established in Beijing. The hotel has 36 rooms and 7 suites (one of almost 137-meter Presidential).

– I believe that it does not run out of customers, because there is no even similar place in Poland. If this hotel was created six years ago, when there was no competition, I’d be a success. Now, ahead me, a much longer road.

The success of 3 (131)