History of the Town


To become the summer capital of Poland, A candidate with good prospects Władysławowo – a town situated at the base of the Hel Peninsula. If someone was looking for the name of the town in old books, you will not find it. To 1953 it bore the name of the Great Village. Before World War II in the vicinity of the village, Haller baths were built and named in honor of General Haller , who in February 1920 he made here the Polish wedding with the sea. In the years 1936-1938 in the north of the Great Village fishing port has been built, named Władyslawowo, with reference to localized between the Chalupy and Kuznica , seventeenth-century martial port of King Wladyslaw IV. On the 1st of July 1952 Great Village and a settlement Hallerowo constructed the administrative unit called Władysławowo . In 1963, Władysławowo was chartered.

The city and its surroundings offer many attractions for tourists. Many people are primarily associated with the summer recreation – 23 kilometers of beautiful sandy beach, water sports (including windsurfing), fishing (including the fishing vessel on the high seas), walking or cycling. Fishing harbor warmly welcome sailor-visitors who come here on foreign yachts.

But it’s high time to realize that there are equally attractive other seasons. Autumn colors will delight not only paragliders, who can be admired from above. Walking by the sea provide not only spectacular views, but allow to breathe healthy air full of iodine, and the lucky come across while hiking in the Baltic amber crumbs.

You can not forget the Władysławowo is just 34 km away from Gdynia forming part of the Tri-City, which provides an excellent opportunity to visit the sights.


The list of protected monuments in Wladyslawowo:

  • Church. Assumption, built in the years 1932-1936 (see parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Wladyslawowo)
  • House at. Merklein 4, built in 1922,
  • General Haller-house, built in 1922 (Maritime Street 6),
  • Cottage at. Kashubian 2, half-timbered, in the Hawk Mountain
  • Rozewie Lighthouse, built in the eighteenth century, rebuilt in the nineteenth century

The list of objects of historical values:

  • Modernist house in 1939, st. Seaside 11
  • Fisherman’s House – a building erected in the 50s Twentieth century as a hotel for fishermen. Currently serves as the city office building and the tower is a vantage point. The lower terrace is situated at a height of 45 m above sea level and higher – 63 m asl. From the tower you can see the city skyline, the sea, Cape Rozewie, Puck Bay and Hel Spit.

List of monuments located in Wladyslawowo:

  • Monument – a bust of Stefan Zeromski at the lighthouse at Rozewie
  • Monument – a bust of Abraham Anthony
  • Monument of General Jozef Haller
  • Martyrs monument to the Great Village (Danzig Street, cemetery choleric)
  • Star of the North in Jastrzebia Gora
  • -A monument commemorating the landing of King Sigismund III of Lisi Jar Canion