Observation Tower (Fisherman house in Wladyslawowo)

dom1Entering the Wladyslawowo from the Tri-City, on the horizon draws a monumental building with a high spire … This “House of the Fisherman” is often mistaken with the church.

Built in the style of socialist realist in the mid-fifties, was supposed to be hotel, for fishermen. For holiday-makers are often held here shows (eg, handicraft exhibition Kashubian excellent sculptor Leo Golla).

Today it houses the city council and an independent healthcare center.

Fisherman House is the tallest building in Wladyslawowo. With good visibility you can see the skyline, the Hel Peninsula and lighthouse in Rozewie …

There we have an observation deck that rises to a height of 45 meters.

For lovers of heights, and even better views,  “bull” is also available on the tower the Fisherman’s House. There are no longer gadgets in the form of binoculars, but the view compensates us this little inconvenience…

Avenue of Sport Stars(Promenade)

aleja_gwiazdAvenue of Sport Stars(Promenade)

Time Required: 50 minutes

It is located in close proximity to the Sport Center in Wladyslawowo. It connects the beach with the Church, where in the summer almost every day concerts of Christian music “Ichtis” are being held.

Every year in August during the Sport Festival another star is uncovered , commemorating the famous Polish sportsmen. Continue reading

Sandy Beach

Władysławowo is regarded as the best beach on the Polish coast. It is a wide, safe and clean and the yellow sand is not contaminated with fragments of vegetation, trees or rocks.

Almost the entire length of the beach in Wladyslawowo and sea bottom is evenly covered with clean sand. Only in a few short sections you may notice tiny pebbles. This has its advantages too, because in these stones can be found “Baltic Gold” – amber.

Each year at our beach competitions , films and discos are taking place.

Fishing Port

portPoland’s largest fishing port

Wladyslawowo port acts as a the base port and renovation of fishing boats, is a haven for sailing marina transport functions, and reloading. There is also a border crossing (Władysławowo is in the border area and it is necessary to carry documents of identity).

The entrance to the port area is free of charge. You do not have to show at the entrance and exit of identity cards, etc. ..

Located here, opened in 1998, “Board of Harbor Remembrance”, which is a fishing museum and the harbor. Here we can see a lot of photographs from the years 1935 – 1995 and a replica of a fishing vessel in which General Józef Haller after the “Polish wedding to the Sea” went for a cruise on the sea.

Sea fishing

Sea fishing is a type of fishing, where marine fish are caught on a rod from a boat, from beach or from shore of the harbor. Typically, this term is meant fur fishing that involves fishing from a boat.

For fans of deep-sea fishing, a few fishing boats are prepared . Cruises are organized throughout the year. On the cutter you have a possibility of trying a real sailor soup, borrow fishing equipment and get a lot of interesting and valuable advice in the field of deep-sea fishing …

Chlapowski Gorge ” Rudnik”

chapowoApproaching the Jastrzębia Gora town, just outside the town of Władyslawowa lies Chłapowo town. It is the hometown of the famous Kashubian writer Augustyn Necel.

The biggest attraction of the local town is the Chłapowski gorge called by locals “Rudnik”.

It is located in the reserve “Dolina Chłapowska” occupying almost 25 hectares. This gorge crosses in half the path leading from Chłapowo to the beach.

According to geologists the gorge was created by erosional activity of flowing water into the Baltic Sea Highlands, and the rusty color of the earth cause the effusion of groundwater with a high content of iron compounds.

It is worth to come here at any time, as beautifully shaped area and the beauty of untouched nature and unique flora and fauna such as a bell round, juniper, broom, and sea buckthorn encourage walking and provide internal mute.

Heaven taking of the Holy Virgin Mary Church

kosciol-wladyslawowoThe temple with an interesting shape and stained glass windows, recognized as one of the best in the world, is regarded as the gem of architecture 1960-1970 years. The chancel of the church is a neo-gothic chapel from the thirties, and later incorporated into the newly built church. Beside the church stands the bell tower, which is also a great viewpoint over the city. Every year summer organ concerts are held there, with more than thirty years tradition. Participants are prominent soloists from home and abroad.

Kitesurfing, Windsurfing


jest nowoczesnym dynamicznie rozwijającym się sportem. Pod stopami masz małą deskę a rękoma sterujesz dużym kolorowym latawcem, który ciągnie Cię dokładnie tam gdzie chcesz.


jest jednym z fenomenów naszych czasów. To nowoczesny sport odpowiadający potrzebom współczesnego człowieka: potrzebie kontaktu z naturą i potrzebie ucieczki z zanieczyszczonego miasta i zatłoczonych plaż. Sprzyja dbałości o rozwój fizyczny niezależnie od wieku. Pozwala przeżyć przygodę niosącą radość ze zwycięstwa nad własną słabością w przymierzu z żywiołami wiatru i wody. Stanowi szkołę charakteru i odwagi.


turystyka wodna i rekreacja, a konkretnie świetny sposób na aktywny wypoczynek, bezpośredni kontakt z naturą, dostarczenie niezapomnianych wrażeń i pozytywnych emocji, szczególnie za sprawą silniejszych podmuchów wiatru, których na Zatoce Puckiej nie brakuje 🙂

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wladyslawowo-hallerowkaHallerówka- the common name of Memorial Center ofGeneral Jozef Haller and Blue Army , located in Wladyslawowo. This wooden house was built in 1922 and until the outbreak of World War II was the summer residence of Joseph Haller. Open to public, houses a collection of documents, photographs, prints, letters and other memorabilia associated with his person and activities

It is worth mentioning that in the house next door – the former headquarter,house of Adjutant General Haller – Dworzański, there is the Museum of Natural Coastal Landscape Park. No doubt that Hallerówka is one of the prettiest natural history museums in Pomerania, showing the unique flora and fauna of the region.