President in Beijing Hotel

twoj_wieczor_1Beijing Hotel in Wladyslawowo  hosted lately unique couple : Jolanta and Aleksander Kwaśniewski. President and First Lady were brought to this place by many stories traveling from the sea to the  mountains. They were finally  able to see by themselves  truly unique and charming Chinese style hotel.

The president and his wife were very satisfied with the nice and joyful time they spend there. The owner showed them around the Hotel, told the story of its creation, and finally invited to the restaurant for the best Chinese delicacies. In Wladyslawowo it started to be more and more louder about original Chinese cuisine. The most important VIPs and delegations from Baltic region and the other parts of Poland always head for Paul Jajkowski property. Because it is the only place were you can consume such a tasty and original dishes.

Evening Post 1/2004