Therapeutic mud

In Poland therapeutic mud is used mainly for healing purpose. It`s composition depends on type and condition, when it has been established. Main component is water, additionally inorganic components: magnesium, calcium, iron, aluminium , sodium, potassium, silicon and organic components not altogether dissolution vegetable components for example: lignin, cellulose. Humus products ( bitumens, humus acid and substances of extrogens character) take part in curing ginecological illnesses.

Application for using therapeutic mud:

  • joint degenerate illnesses,
  • state after legs trauma in long drawn period,
  • chronic illness habit of nutritive,
  • chronic illness habit of respiratory;
  • gynecological illness.

Impact therapeutic mud for organism:

  • extention cell metabolism,
  • local hyperemia tissues,
  • remove from organism phlogistic producte,
  • improve kidney work ( improve secretion of urine),
  • impact on function of endocrine for example: ovaries, indirect function on pituitary body hypophysis),
  • analgesic function,
  • relaxing nonstriated muscles.