It is manipulation where for the healing aims direct current is used. This manipulation acts on dilatation blood vessels that causes better nourishment of tissues. It acts as well as stimulation for lower tense of muscles or an analgetic in sore nerve and illness of joint degeneration etc.


It is electro-healing manipulation consisting insertion into tissue ions of medicine. The sphere of activity depends on chemical compound of drugs that is inserted.

It acts on:

  • scars, contractures of scars
  • inflammatory of skin, soft tissue, small joints and perimyssion,
  • sore nerve, sciatica, ischias and headache,
  • not brim, full bony adhesion, swellings and allergies
  • circular distemper, vasomotor,
  • Sudecka syndrome
  • Sore, ill tempered.

Diadynamic current

The basic factor diadynamic currents is their analgesic action in doing higher threshold arche feeling. After application those currents, their intensity are not able to bring out such a feeling. Those currents are caused blood vessels enlargement that give better blood flow. In healing traumatic, swelling, trofica dis temp, circular bloody have a great importance. An advisable to apply in healing pain, supply of tissue, which take place in traumatic changes spine and discopatia.


It means treatment where impulsive current is used in aim to stimulate twitch muscles or nerves. Electro stimulation is applied in healing paresis, palsy, obliteration and weakness of muscles, improvement nutritive process of muscles, isometric gymnastic of muscles.

Interference currents

Set up as a result of overlapping two currents in tissues.

The aim of application

  • analgesic act
  • endangering twitch of skeleton muscles
  • applied on autonomous nervous system( hyperemia vascular system, extension lymphatic caring, tone up tension walls of blood vessels)
  • improvement nutrient processes and subject metabolism tissues.


It is over skin stimulation of nerves. This endeavors is used in protracted and acute pain condition. It would be grounded on mightily efficacious analgesic . Effective in healing:

  • surgical analgesic
  • dyscopathy
  • headache, hemicrania
  • osteopathy, rheumatic analgesic
  • neurophathy